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Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this site, you agree and agree to comply with the following terms and conditions of use that govern the relationship between JobsforPeople  and you with respect to this site. If you do not agree to any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

The terms www.jobsforpeople.ro, ‘we’ or ‘undersigned’ refer to the owner of the website under the name RAM MULTI INVEST SRL, based at street: People’s Street. No. 47, Bl.4, Medgidia, Constanta and is registered with the Trade Register with No. J13/2349/01.11.2013 , tax code RO32426196 , subscribed and fully paid-up share capital of RON 20,000.  .

The term ‘you’ refers   persoana to the user/individual or legal person visiting our website. The term ‘Site’ refers to our website.

RAM MULTI INVEST SRL reserves the right to delete or update at any time without forecast the contents of the website www.jobsforpeople.ro, as well as the Terms of Use and/or any other policies or observations displayed on the Site.

The terms “Regulation”, “Agreement”, “Contract”, “Terms and Conditions” are used to designate this Contract of Use.

Acceptance of Terms of Use
Each time you use the Site, you consent to yourself and those you represent, without limitation or qualification, to comply with these Terms of Use, and you declare and warrant that you have the legal authority to approve and accept these terms of use in your personal name and on behalf of all the persons you represent. If you do not agree to all the provisions of these Terms of Use or, if you are not authorized to approve and accept them, you may not use the Site. You also acknowledge that you have reached legal age, that you may legally draw up agreements in accordance with the law in force, and that you are fully capable and competent to sign the terms, conditions, obligations, confirmations, statements and warranties set forth in these Terms of Use, and that you comply with them.

We recommend that you visit this page periodically to read the “Terms and Conditions” because this document will legally oblige you. The continued use of the services of www.jobsforpeople.ro  and  www.rammultiinvest.com sites is the acceptance of the changes made to this Agreement.


Services offered

The www.jobsforpeople.ro site  gives users access to a rich collection of online resources and tools that include: forums, sales-purchase services, custom content,onlineadvertising… etc.. You understand and agree that these services also include advertising, and advertising is necessaryforwww.jobsforpeople.ro’s   website to provide its services.

You understand and agree that www.jobsforpeople.ro services include various announcements, administrative messages contained in newsletters  www.jobsforpeople.ro and that these messages are implicit in membership www.jobsforpeople.ro,and there is no option to opt out of suchmessages. You understand and agree that the services are offered “as they are” and  www.jobsforpeople.ro  assumes no responsibility for the deletion, transmission or missaving of custom settings.


Policy of use

The reasonable use of services www.jobsforpeople.ro may offer certain types of services to its customers free of charge. The availability of free service types is limited in time, as well as in quantity, respectively in terms of the possibility of volume and usage numbers, their objective being to accommodate customers to the characteristics of the services payable, by their reasonable use.

If the use of free services produces the desired results, the www.jobsforpeople.ro  reserves the unilateral right to limit the possibility of using these types of services, the purpose of its activity being the monetization of the services provided.

If www.jobsforpeople.ro  find sinofable use, or non-compliant for the purpose of free services, reserves the right to discontinue their provision to the customer at fault, without having the obligation to state the reasons for the measures taken, or to notify them in advance.


Access to some www.jobsforpeople.ro services can only be allowed after payment of a subscription. Payment for a subscription will be made on the basis of proforma invoice/tax invoice, in Lei, the EURO conversion in Romanian currency being made on the date of issue of the invoice. Access to some of the services is conditional and will not be allowed until after the time when the transfer of money to the www.jobsforpeople.ro account is confirmed.  www.jobsforpeople.ro


Return Policy:

If you wish to cease providing the service to you, you understand and agree that payments already made are not and will not be returned.


By using the services, you become aware and agree that the right of access to the viewing of any material purchased on theplatformwww.jobsforpeople.ro, in your account, is not conferred on you for an unlimited period of time. Therefore,  JobsforPeople  reserves the unilateral right to remove from employers’ accounts the data of stored CVs more than 1 year(12 months)old, without any prior notice.


Obligations to register
To use the services offered by the website www.jobsforpeople.ro , you are obliged to:
1) provide true, accurate and complete data about you as required by the website registration form and
2) Maintain and renew, when the situation requires, the registration data to be true, accurate and complete. If you provide information that is not true, inaccurate or incomplete, JobsforPeople has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse all current or future attempts to use the sites www.jobsforpeople.ro

The support team will take the measure of permanent blocking, access to the www.jobsforpeople.ro , users who violate the terms and conditions of use, for all accounts held by them:
1. pornographic/erotic content and identity theft / false profile – immediate definitive ban
2. spam and inappropriate language – permanent ban after the first warning)
Thank you for your understanding!

Advertisements of video-chat operators, erotic massage or the like are not approved on the site www.jobsforpeople.ro.

A job can only be posted in cities Countries for which recruitment is carried out.

JobsforPeople may, without any further notice or formality and without this requiring an explanation of its attitude, suspend or block access to the content of the site or part of this content.

Companies recruiting for abroad are asked to send a copy of the registration from the Territorial Labour Inspectorate within the range of which have been registered as Recruitment Agencies pe address email the office@jobsforpeople.ro

User Responsibilities
As a user you are responsible for your own actions and the consequences they may have, following the publication of the materials you upload, make publicly available on the account provided by the company.

You are obliged not to do the following:
a) publish copyrighted material if you are not the author or if you do not have the author’s permission to publish the material;
b) publish obscene, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory or malicious material against another user, natural or legal person or any other third party;
c) to post, broadcast or transmit material (image, text:
– pornographic, erotic or sexually explicit, of any kind and in any form
– promoting acts of paedophilia, incest or bestiality
– which promotes hatred towards certain groups of people, for reasons related to: race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, identity or sexual orientation.
d) publish material containing viruses, worms or other programs with the intention of destroying any system or information;
e) upload, post, broadcast or otherwise transmit any content for which you do not have the legal right to transmit or broadcast under any conditions, under any legal system, Romanian or foreign, contractual or reliable relations (such as confidential information, proprietary information, found or disclosed as part of service relationships or subject to confidentiality agreements);
f) upload, post, broadcast or otherwise transmit any type of advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of requests, except for portions of the service that are formed for this purpose.
It is forbidden to create personal profiles related to: videochat, escort services, erotic massage, or others of this kind. To promote a company or business it is mandatory to use the Business Profile, in compliance with all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.
g) to have multiple accounts within the site that resemble or are used on the same topic, to publish several positions of employment in the content of a single ad;
h) promote or provide information about how to carry out illegal activities, promote physical or verbal injury against any group or person, or promote any act of animal cruelty. This may include, but is not limited, providing information on how to manufacture, purchase or assemble bombs, grenades or other types of weapons and create “crush” sites;
i) post, broadcast or otherwise transmit personal data (name, address, telephone numbers) or register them in the boxes that can be viewed by other users (descriptions, pseudonym, etc.);
j) to use the material obtained through the Bestjobs platform for competitive purposes
k) post, broadcast or transmit any other material that is in any way contrary to the legal norms in force.

JobsforPeople does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy of information published by users or does not endorse any opinion expressed by users.

JobsforPeople acts as a passive factor in the online distribution and publication of information provided by users and has no obligation to check in advance the material published by users. That’s why JobsforPeople does not respond in any way to information and data posted, disseminated or transmitted by its users. If requested by a user, the company can investigate and verify the allegations and decide whether that information should be removed.

JobsforPeople may take actions or measures in respect of the user or against the information recorded by him. By entering the material in any public or private segment of the site, including forums, contests or chat rooms you guarantee the company RAM MULTI INVEST SRL the continuous, irrevocable right (including moral rights) and the license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute or communicate in public the content (in whole or in part), on an international scale or to incorporate it into other works of any form, in the media or in technology known or to develop in the future. You also allow any subscriber to access, view, store or reproduce such material for personal purposes. Subject to the above, the owner of such material published on the site maintains any rights that might derive from it.

We appreciate the messages of our customers and welcome your comments on our services. Please note that our policy does not allow us to always accept or take into account creative ideas, suggestions, inventions or materials other than those expressly requested by us.

Information for users
When you register on the site, you will be asked for certain information including a valid email address. In addition to the terms and conditions that will be regulated in the site’s policy, you understand and accept that JobsforPeople may disclose to a third party certain information contained in your application for registration.

JobsforPeople will not disclose your name, address, email address or telephone number to a third party without your consent, except in cases required by law when the communication of this information is necessary and in accordance with the privacy policy.

JobsforPeople reserves the right to offer you the services and products of a third party, based on the data mentioned in your registration at any time after it has taken place; such offers can be made by the JobsforPeople or by a third party involved.

Account, password and data security
You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality over your information and password. You will be responsible for the use of your registration, regardless of whether the use is made with or without your will. You agree to JobsforPeople in connection with any unauthorized use of your password and registration. You also agree to use the exit button in your account when you wish to leave the site. The Company shall not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by your failure to comply with this provision.

JobsforPeople, if it deems it appropriate, it may block your password, use of services or use of any other services you benefit from, or remove and delete any material from the services, for any reason or for no reason. JobsforPeople may also, whenever he wishes and without account, discontinue the provision of the services, or part of them, with or without any prior notice.

Any termination of your access to the services JobsforPeople, in accordance with any rules of this Regulation, may be carried out without an advance warning, and you acknowledge and agree that www.jobsforpeople.ro can immediately deactivate or delete your account from the sites www.jobsforpeople.ro and all information related to it and/or prohibit any subsequent access to the services www.jobsforpeople.ro. May mult, JobsforPeople will not be liable to you or any third party in any way, for prohibiting and/or deleting the account and access to the services provided through www.jobsforpeople.ro
Use of materials
JobsforPeople authorizes you to view and download a single copy of the materials on the sites www.jobsforpeople.eu (website) for personal and non-commercial purposes only. The content of these sites, texts, graphics, photos, software and other materials are protected by copyright law. The entire material is the property of JobsforPeople. The compilation (i.e. the addition and rearrangement) of the content of this website is the exclusive right of JobsforPeople, as protected by the laws in force. Unauthorized use of the material is a violation of copyright law or other laws. You are not allowed to sell or modify the material, display it publicly, distribute it or otherwise use it for public or commercial purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use the information in the database, as well as any material obtained through the use of the platform www.jobsforpeople.ro , i.e. the services provided by the www.jobsforpeople.ro  in competitive purposes, whether their character is free of charge or for consideration. If the JobsforPeople will find that there are strong indications of violation of the above mentioned prohibition, we will proceed immediately to block and delete the account of users who have violated these provisions, without any compensation. In addition, the penalty for violating the above mentioned provisions will result in the disqualification of users from the right to claim the refund of any amounts paid for the purchase of services JobsforPeople, even if by the date of the finding of fault by the company, the services paid have not been provided in full, or in part.

On servers that belong to or are rented by the JobsforPeople access to any unauthorized user is prohibited. In case of trial and/or access, without right, of these servers, the act constitutes a crime and is punishable according to the Romanian legislation in force.

Ownership of materials and information entered on websites www.jobsforpeople.ro

JobsforPeople will not claim ownership of materials that you provide to the company (including observations and suggestions) or that you post, upload or send to any www.jobsforpeople.ro  www.jobsforpeople.rosite. However, by submitting these materials, you agree to grant  JobsforPeople  permission to use the materials including: copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, modify and translate; to mention your name in connection with the material you have transmitted; and the right to assulatall these rights to any  JobforPeoplepartner. No compensation shall be claimed or granted for the use of the material in the manner shown above. The Company is not obliged to post on the site or use in any way the material provided by you; the company also has the right to delete your material at any time and without the need for a reason to do so.

Content profile page and announcements on  www.jobsforpeople.ro
JobsforPeople does not own ownership of the content of the pages posted in the space made available to users of the Site JobsforPeople. By submitting content for inclusion in the personal pages of the  www.jobsforpeople.rowebsite, you give  JobsforPeople  permission to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the content of your personal site, without payment and by any means it sees fit, only for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your personal site. This permission exists only as long as your personal website is hosted on the  JobforPeople website does not have ownership of the content of the pages posted in the space made available to users of the  JobforPeoplesite. By submitting content for inclusion in the personal pages of the website  www.jobsforpeople.ro.ro and BestJobs.eu, you give  JobsforPeople  permission to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the content of the personal site, without payment and by any means it sees fit, only for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your personal site owned by  JobsforPeople  and will disappear when your account on the site  www.jobsforpeople.ro will be deleted. You have acknowledged that  JobsforPeople  does not research the content of the accounts at the time of their opening, but reserves the right (not the obligation) for itself and for any person designated by  JobsforPeople,to refuse or delete, as they see fit, any content available through the portal. JobsforPeople  and any other person designated by  JobsforPeoplehave the right to delete (remove) any content that violates the Terms of Use or is otherwise incompatible with the purpose of this portal. You agree that you must assess and bear all risks associated with the use of any content, including that related to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of such content. In the employment announcements published on the www.jobsforpeople.roplatform, the mention of contact details (phone number, e-mail address, web address, etc.) is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the terms of use of the platform. JobsforPeople  reserves the unilateral right to edit, modify or remove all or part of any content that falls under the above. Users acknowledge that it is forbidden to publish multiple employment positions in the content of a single ad on the  JobsforPeopleplatform. In case of violation of the above mentioned provisions,  JobsforPeople  reserves the right to edit the content or to remove all those ads from the platform, as well as to block and delete the account of the users at fault, without any notice, and without having the obligation to refund any amount collected for its services.

The relationship with companies that advertise on  www.jobsforpeople.ro  JobsforPeople sites runs advertising campaigns and promotions on its websites. Correspondence or business or participation in promotions of advertising companies found on or through websites, including payments or deliveries of goods or services and any other conditions, terms, warranties or representations associated with such relationships are solely the responsibility of you and these companies.  JobsforPeople  is not liable and will not be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from such relationships or resulting from the presence of such companies in the advertising campaigns of  www.jobsforpeople.rosites

By agreeing the terms of this Agreement you grant the right of JobsforPeople  to send you regular e-mails with information or special offers.

Links to other information providers or services Site
www.jobsforpeople.rou  www.jobsforpeople.ro ate  can provide, or third parties may provide links (links) to other World Wide Web sites or other resources. Because  JobsforPeople  has no control over these sites or resources, you acknowledge and agree that  JobsforPeople  is not responsible for their availability and does not warrant and is not responsible for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available on these sites or resources. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that
JobsforPeople  will not be liable or liable to pay compensation, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to have been caused by or in connection with the use or reinstatement of information provided by such content, goods or services available on or through such sites or resources. We
inform you that  JobsforPeople does not assume responsibility for the use of CVs by third parties, who accessed CVs while they were in our database; so That  JobsforPeople acts as a passive factor, regarding the display of the information contained in the CV in the networks and search services type Google.com, search.yahoo.com, or others; unable to be held responsible for the activity of these search engines. However, we assure you, as in this case, in which your CV will be available in the above mentioned search engines, your contact details (name, e-mail, phone, address) will be protected, not available.



The correctness, completeness and timelessness of the information
Neither we nor any other third party provide guarantees and assurances as to the correctness, timelessness, execution, completeness or convenience of the information and materials found or offered on this Site for any particular purpose. You accept that this information and materials may contain imprecise elements or errors and expressly exclude any liability for them to the extent permitted by law.

You take full responsibility for the use of information or materials on this site, which is why we do not take responsibility. It’s up to you. ensure that the products, services or information made available through this website meet your requirements.




Intellectual Property
This website contains materials owned by us or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, design, layout, layout, and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited, other than under the copyright notice, which is part of the present terms and conditions.

All trademarks reproduced on this website that are not owned or licensed to the operator are confirmed on the website. Nothing on this site shall be construed as granting by inference, blocking, or otherwise any license or right to use the trademarks, logo or trademark of the services displayed on the Site without the prior written consent of the owner, except in some of the matters described herein.

Unauthorized use of this website may give rise to claims of damages and/or criminal offences.

JobsforPeople reserves all rights, which are not expressly granted to it, regarding the site and its content.


Site Links
may contain links to other websites that are offered exclusively for comfort and as an additional way to access the information here. JobsforPeople  has not reviewed all information on other websites as stated on the website and is not responsible for the content of other websites, information, materials, products or services that may be offered by any of these websites. The inclusion of links to other websites should not be regarded as an endorsement of the content of those pages, where other terms and conditions of their use apply.  JobsforPeople  is not responsible for any loss, damage or other obligations incurred as a result of the use of the websites referred to on the website.

Disclaimer Use of the site is done at
the user’s risk. The site is offered on the basis of the principle “as is” and “as is available”. We reserve the right to restrict or terminate access to the site at any time or to any feature or part thereof.  JobsforPeople  expressly waives all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to: implied warranties of merchantability and skill for a particular purpose and any warranties that the materials on the Site comply with, as well as any warranties involved in the execution or conduct of a business; also do not guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted or error-free; that the Site will be protected; that the website or server hosting the website will not contain viruses; or that the information will be complete, accurate, current or authentic. If something is downloaded or uploaded from the site, this is done at the user’s risk. Each user is solely responsible for the damage to his operating system or for the loss of data resulting from the downloading or uploading of such materials. Recommendations or information, verbal or written, obtained from  JobsforPeople  or through the Site, is not any guarantee of any kind. JobsforPeople  does not provide warranties or make statements regarding the use of the site’s content in terms of completeness, correctness, accuracy, suitability, utility, opportunity, reliability, authenticity or otherwise.

Because user authentication on the Internet is difficult,  JobsforPeople  cannot and does not confirm that every user is what they claim to be. Because we do not want and cannot be involved in direct activities between users or control the behavior of participants on any of the sites www.jobsforpeople.ro,if you have a dispute with one or more users, exonerated  www.jobsforpeople.ro  (and our representatives and employees) of claims, claims and damages (real and consequential, direct and indirect) of any type and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising from or related to such disputes.
JobsforPeople  is under no obligation to control user-displayed content and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of that content. You understand that by using the services, you expose yourself to content that may be offensive, indecent or unacceptable. The material may contain inaccurate aspects or typos  JobsforPeople  does not assume the correctness of the material on the Site.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content or correctness of the material displayed on the website.

Limitation of liability
You expressly understand and agree that  JobsforPeople  does not assume responsibility to you. for direct, indirect, incidental, special, significant or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages as a result of loss of profit, clientele, data or other losses (even if  JobsforPeople  has previously been informed of the possibility of such losses) resulting from:a) use or inability to use  JobsforPeople services ;b) unauthorized access or modification of transmission or data;c) statements or conduct of third parties regarding  JobsforPeopleservices ;d) any other aspects of theservices.

You also understand and agree to the following: a) you are solely responsible for the use of the services. The services are provided “as they are.”b)
JobsforPeople  offers no guarantee that:b.1) the services will meet your requirements; b.2) the services will be provided continuously, timely, safely or without errors;b.3) the results that are obtained from the use of the services will be correct and reliableb.4) any errors in the program will be corrected;c) Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained by using the services is made at your choice. and at your own risk, you and your family will be being solely responsible for any malfunctions in your computer system or loss of data resulting from downloading such material.

Site Users agree to indemnify, defend and protect  JobsforPeople  and its employees, administrators, contractors, agents, licensors, service providers, subcontractors and suppliers, and against any losses, responsibilities, expenses, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees and legal costs, arising or arising from the use of the Site and violation of these Terms of Use. In the event of a technical failure of the website or systems that support the site because of your action or inaction, you confirm that you are responsible for losses, obligations, expenses, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees and court costs, arising or resulting from that malfunction.

JobsforPeople reserves the right, astits owncase, to assume exclusive defence and control over any issues on the basis of compensation and, in such a case, users of the site agree that they are collaborating with  JobsforPeople in defending such a case.

Jurisdiction Your
use of this Site and any disputes arising from its use are governed by Romanian law.

The integralness of the Agreement
The terms of use herein together with all the policies and rules of use presented constitute the entire understanding between  JobforPeople  and the users and supersede any prior or present communications and proposals, verbal or written, between the parties regarding the Site.

Separation clause
Where a provision of these terms of use is unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Prohibition of assignment
If one of the provisions of this chapter called “Terms of Use” is considered to be invalid by the legal for a, the invalidity of that provision will not affect the validity of the other provisions.

“Terms of Use” means the agreement between you and your needs. and JobsforPeople
on the use of www.jobsforpeople.ro


If any provision of this chapter “Terms and Conditions” is considered invalid by the competent legal bodies, the invalidity of such a provision will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the “Terms and Conditions”, which remain in force. These “Terms and Conditions” constitute a full agreement between you and  JobsforPeople  regarding the use of the sites  www.jobsforpeople.roThese terms may
be modified by us at certain intervals, without prior notice or acceptance of users. You can read the latest version of these conditions at any time by going to this page. This Agreement constitutes the sole convention between you and
JobsforPeople  and regulates your use of the services of www.jobsforpeople.rosites, imposing itself in the face of any previous agreement between you and  JobsforPeople  or its websites (including but not limited to a previous version of the Regulation). You may also be subject to another version of the Regulation that may apply when you use other  JobsforPeople services or its partners, content of any third party, or software of any third party. The regulation and relationships between users and  JobsforPeople  will be governed by the laws applicable in Romania.


How to contact Us you can contact us
at the email address office@jobsforpeople.ro for questions and comments regarding the Terms of Use here or on the site.